All manufacturers are medium size family owned companies with a high level of specialism and flexibility.  
    Eibach springs, Finnentrop Germany  

• Springs for heavy duty and safety operations
• Fuel Injection and pumps
• Engine and system controls
• Valve and injection drive
• Pressure relive units
• Anti vibration assemblies

H.Jungeblodt GmbH & Co.KG, Warstein Germany  
    • Special connecting elements
• Bolts ( conrod bolts, frame bolts,...)
• Nuts
• Studs ( cyl head, turbine frames, frame,
       cam shaft, ...)  
    •  Spacers  
    •  Complete connecting kits for the turbine industry  
    NOVA DEC, Fiorano Italy   
    •  Complex machined parts & systems ( forgings  
       castings and steel)   
    •  FMS machinery and assembly shop, supply chain   
    •  Oil and water pump frames and housings  
    •  Complete valve drives incl. rocker arm,  
       rocker gear, adjusting screws  
    •  Roller guides  
    •  Cam followers  
    •  Water jackets  
    •  Cam shaft guide bearings  
    •  Engine blocks  
Hans Scharpegge GmbH, Dortmund Germany   
    •  Gear wheel, pinion shafts, complete gear wheel  
       assemblies cut and ground up to   
       3000 mm diameter  
    •  Gear wheel rims   
    •  Pinion shaft  
    •  Cam shaft gear wheel   
    •  Intermediate gear  
    •  Crankshaft gears  

•  Complete engine drive assemblies incl. hubs,

       shafts, bearings and other assescoirs  
       marine gear box gears and shafts