Marketing - Sales   
    Full international market and brand development with key customer sales activity for highly specialized small and medium size companies.
PES is your sales office following the total business process.
    Advantage:  • Reduction of overhead costs
• No redundant operations and costs
• High grade of efficiency
• Focus on benefit
• Cost on success base
    New products   
    Integration of new products into your organisation and production,cooperation with all functions involved.
    Advantage:  • Larger product range
• Efficient establishing
• No redundant operation
• Stronger market position
    Investigation of sourcing projects industry on world wide base.
Long term supplier and supply chain development.
PES is your supply chain service provider.
    Advantage:  • World wide presence and collection of facts
• Investigation of cost time and saving potential
• Goal keeping
    Project management / Out sourcing   
    Full responsibility of establishing customer - manufacturer partnership orientated to the requirements by monitoring the
commercial and technical process and KPI. 
    Advantage:  • Fast success orientated process flow