You are looking for growth? Your company is a small or midsize business?  
  PES offers international market development and focus on niche markets with full sales and technical competence towards customers.
PES as your external sales link and customer responsible resource with close
link and integration into your organisation and close customer contact.
We are creating and developing your brand in the market by giving the supplier access to the market.
  Our main focus is to serve the following industries,
but it’s not limited to it:
  • Diesel engine industry  
  • Turbine industry  
  • Compressor industry  
  • Heavy duty special pump industry  
  What you need we will find
We are keeping the closest relationship between you and the manufactures,
we are developing the manufacturers for your needs and requests.
You have one contact and we are following the complete business
process and connecting the necessary functions of the processes efficiently together.
  Do you look for a new supply base?
Do you plan to outsource? PES can assist you efficiently!