Brand and Product portfolio

All manufacturers are medium size family owned companies with highest level of skill, expertise and specialism !

Eibach – high performance springs, made in Finnentrop Germany

Springs for heavy duty operations

  • Fuel Injection and pumps
  • Engine and System controls
  • Valve and Injection tappets
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Gas valves
  • Damping (Anti vibration) assemblies

IQM – Italian Quality Manufacture

  • Complex machined parts & systems
    (made from  forgings, castings and steel)
  • FMS machining and assembly shop.
  • Supply chain management
  • Diesel engine connecting rods machined and fully assembled
  • Compressor connecting rods
  • Cylinder covers (heads) machined and assembled
  • Piston skirts
  • Gear box housings
  • Pump housings

Jungeblodt – safety high performance fasteners, made in Warstein, Germany

  • Special high performance safety  connecting elements
  • Bolts ( conrod bolts, frame bolts,…)
  • Nuts ( hydraulic nuts)
  • Studs ( cyl head, turbine frame, cam shaft, main bearing studs, turbo studs.
  • Tie Rods ( engine fram rods, swivel rods)
  • Spacers, expansion bushes
  • Complete connecting element kits for the turbine industry
  • Sub sea compression fasteners
  • Propeller blasde bolts

Hans Scharpegge GmbH, Dortmund Germany

  • Gear wheels, pinion shafts, complete gear wheel assemblies cut and ground up to 3000 mm diameter and 400 0mm lenght
  • Gear wheel rims
  • Engine cam shaft gears, intermediate gear, crankshaft gears
  • Complete engine drive assemblies incl. hubs, shafts, bearings and other assescoirs
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